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At Varsati Builders Ltd in London, we can offer a wide range of roofing services to keep your home (and your head!) dry. We can install a variety of different roof styles to suit your property.

It is vital that your roof is installed or repaired by a professional roofer as an incorrectly fitted roof can result in a leak. Over time this could lead to structural damage to your property, causing you long term property maintenance issues. Additionally, a leak in your roof can foster the growth of mould, which can cause a variety of health issues.

At Varsati Builders Ltd, we can provide a selection of roofing services throughout London, including:

Pitched Roofing in London

Very common throughout London, and the rest of the UK, pitched roofing is simple yet aesthetically pleasing design. At Varsati Builders Ltd, we can offer our expert roofing advice by suggesting what form of pitched roof would best suit your property. Many things can affect this decision including the shape of your property, the structure of your property, or the location of your property. At Varsati Builders Ltd, we are experts in home design and can provide you with an honest evaluation on you roof design.

Tiled Roofing in London

Tiled roofing is very similar to slate roofing in that it is highly durable and can withstand all-weather. Their low cost and their durability are two of the reasons why tiled roofing is the most common roofing technique used in London, and the rest of the UK.

However, just like any other roofing material, over time the tiles will begin to become worn down. Another problem you could face is the nails corroding. In these instances you will need to replace any damaged tiles and nails in the roof. At Varsati Builders Ltd, we can repair or install any slate roof.

Flat Felt Roofs in London

At Varsati Builders Ltd in London, we specialise in the installation of flat felt roofs. Most often used on a small structure, such as a garage, flat felt roofs are quite quick and easy to install. They are, thereby, very cost effective and straightforward to install or repair.

When installing a flat felt roof, you begin by laying a material known as the ‘carrier’. Upon this, you then put the second layer - this must be durable, flexible and waterproof! The weather in Britain can fluctuate regularly, and your roof should therefore be able to handle the stresses that this brings. If the material is not up to scratch, it could shrink, damaging your property and costing your more money later on.

This is why it is vital that all roofing work is completed by a professional roofing contractor. At Varsati Building Ltd in London, we can install or repair any type of flat felt roof.

Roof Repairs in London

At Varsati Builders Ltd, we know how important your roof is to keeping your home safe and comfortable.

A damaged roof will leak, causing damage to your property, the building structure and any personal goods that lie in the leak’s path. A leak can also cause damp to grow, which is itself a serious health hazard.

At Varsati Repairs Ltd in London, we can perform a wide range of roofing services from full installations to repairs. Give us a call today on 07728553753, or send us a message through our contact page.

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