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Builders in Walthamstow, Chingford, Leytonstone by Vasarti Builders Limited

We offer a unique building service throughout London that can bring you one step closer to your dream home!

Most of our work is gained through word-of-mouth recommendations, which goes to prove just how much care we put into our work. Many of our previous clients return to us for other work. Our track record for being punctual and courteous is unmatched. Our customers know we keep to our promises. We deliver each and every project on time.

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Builders in Walthamstow, Chingford, Leytonstone by Vasarti Builders Limited

Great and professional. Would definitely recommend Vasarti Builders!

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  1. Kitchens in London


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  3. Loft conversions in London

    Loft conversions

  4. Kitchens in Leytonstone


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    House extensions

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Builders in Walthamstow, Chingford, Leytonstone by Vasarti Builders Limited

Builders in Walthamstow, Chingford, Leytonstone by Vasarti Builders Limited

I have been impressed with their work and commitment.

All aspects of building services throughout London areas.

Welcome to Vasarti Builders, a reputable building company with over 15 experience of building work. With focus on London, we specialise in lofts and all types of building work. We are happy to provide free estimates for any building project you may be interested in undertaking.At Vasarti Builders, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, commitment, attention to details, quality and competitive prices. Vasarti Builders is a company registered in UK and Ireland, registration number 10945173.

We are experts at what we do. Having completed both theoretical and practical training in the building trade, we can offer a service that is both professional and consists of expert advice for your project. All of our staff are fully qualified and safety tested - we only take the best!

We can provide an expert building service that is tailored to your needs. Call us today on 07728553753 for more information, or send us a message through our contact page. We are happy to answer any and all queries in regards to our company and your project.

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We are located in London and cover the surrounding areas. Not sure if we cover your area? Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

Why choose us?

Why we are trusted by our clients

With so many building companies operating in London, we know that choosing the right building company for your project can be a nightmare. Here are a few reasons why Vasarti Builders Limited are the right team to take on your project.


At Vasarti Builders Limited, we have earned an excellent reputation in our local area as a professional, expert building company. The majority of our work is earned through word-of-mouth recommendations from our previous clients. We make it our aim to make sure that your building project is completed to your absolute satisfaction.

Work Ethic And Ethos

At Vasarti Builders Limited, we believe that your home plays a vital role in your mental health and happiness. A house that feels like a home makes a huge difference to your overall happiness and we aim to make sure that you have your dream property.

High Quality Products

We only use the very best in materials and appliances when undertaking any job. As well as using any materials that you request, we can also offer expert advice on what materials and appliances would work best for your property.